Toxicity and antitumor activity of cis-bis-cyclopentenecarboxylato-1,2-diaminocyclohexane platinum(ii) encapsulated in multilamellar vesicles

R. Perez-Soler, G. Lopez-Berestein, Abdul R. Khokhar, M. P. Hacker

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The potential of multilamellar vesicles (MLVs) as carriers of cis-bis-cyclopentenecarboxylato-1,2-diaminocyclohexane platinum(II) (CPDP), a lipophilic cisplatin derivative, was assessed. MLVs composed of dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine (DMPC), dimyristoyl phosphatidylglycerol (DMPG), and cholesterol at different molar ratios were tested. The MLV-CPDP preparation with the highest antitumor activity against L1210 leukemia in vivo was DMPC:DMPG 7:3-CPDP. The encapsulation efficiency of this preparation was 66 ± 4% (SD); the stability in 0.9% NaCl solution at 4°C was 89% at 14 days and 93% 18 h after incubation in human AB serum at 37°C. The toxicities of DMPC:DMPG 7:3-CPDP and free CPDP (suspended in hydroxypropyl cellulose) administered i.p. were similar (50% lethal dose = 75 versus 91 mg/kg; blood urea nitrogen values 96 h after the administration of the 50% lethal dose = 32.0 versus 34.4 mg/dl). The mean %T/C [(median survival time of treated mice % median survival time of control mice) x 100) obtained after a single i.p. injection of the optimal dose of each preparation tested was 215 (range 200 to 232) for DMPC:DMPG 7:3-CPDP, 175 (range 158 to 209) for DMPG-CPDP, 162 (range 136 to 179) for free CPDP, and 178 (range 169 to 189) for cisplatin. Using a multiple i.p. injection schedule (injections on Days 1,5, and 9), DMPC:DMPG 7:3-CPDP was more active than free CPDP and cisplatin (%T/C: 403, 284, and 253% respectively). DMPC:DMPG 7:3-CPDP is less toxic and more active against L1210 leukemia in vivo than is cisplatin. The encapsulation of CPDP in MLVs composed of DMPC:DMPG 7:3 provides an adequate vehicle for the administration of this lipophilic compound and enhances its antitumor activity against L1210 leukemia.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)6269-6273
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JournalCancer Research
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1986
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