Liver transplantation in Latin America: The state-of-the-art and future trends

Paolo R. Salvalaggio, Juan C. Caicedo, Luiz Carneiro De Albuquerque, Alan Contreras, Valter D. Garcia, Guilherme E. Felga, Rafael J. Maurette, José O. Medina-Pestana, Alejandro Niño-Murcia, Lucio F. Pacheco-Moreira, Juan Rocca, Manuel Rodriguez-Davalos, Andres Ruf, Luis A.Caicedo Rusca, Mario Vilatoba

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We reviewed the current status of liver transplantation in Latin America. We used data from the Latin American and Caribbean Transplant Society and national organizations and societies, as well as information obtained from local transplant leaders. Latin America has a population of 589 million (8.5% of world population) and more than 2,500 liver transplantations are performed yearly (17% of world activity), resulting in 4.4 liver transplants per million people (pmp) per year. The number of liver transplantations grows at 6% per year in the region, particularly in Brazil. The top liver transplant rates were found in Argentina (10.4 pmp), Brazil (8.4 pmp), and Uruguay (5.5 pmp). The state of liver transplantation in some countries rivals those in developed countries. Model for End-Stage Liver Disease-based allocation, split, domino, and living-donor adult and pediatric transplantations are now routinely performed with outcomes comparable to those in advanced economies. In contrast, liver transplantation is not performed in 35% of Latin American countries and lags adequate resources in many others. The lack of adequate financial coverage, education, and organization is still the main limiting factor in the development of liver transplantation in Latin America. The liver transplant community in the region should push health care leaders and authorities to comply with the Madrid and Istambul resolutions on organ donation and transplantation. It must pursue fiercely the development of registries to advance the science and quality control of liver transplant activities in Latin America.

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StatePublished - Aug 15 2014
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