Ketoconazole in initial management and treatment of metastatic prostate cancer to spine

Mitchell H. Bamberger, Franklin C. Lowe

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Ketoconazole in high doses causes castrate levels of testosterone within twenty-four to forty-eight hours; therefore it is extremely useful in the initial medical treatment of patients with metastatic prostate cancer who need a prompt therapeutic response. Review of 17 patients who presented with severe radicular pain or acute paraparesis/paraplegia showed that there was frequent delay in urologic consultation, pathologic confirmation, and initiation of efficacious therapy. In fact, 5 of 12 patients (42%) who received radiation therapy prior to effective hormonal therapy suffered significant morbidity and mortality. The case is made for the use of ketoconazole for initial empirical therapy for these patients.

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Publication statusPublished - Oct 1988
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