Conductivities and some other properties of oxymethylene-linked 2-vinylpyridine-oxyethylene multiblock copolymers

Hong Quan Xie, Min Hui Cui, Jun Shi Guo

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Oxymethylene-linked 2-vinylpyridine-oxyethylene (2VP-EO) mulitblock copolymers doped with LiClO4 or/and tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) showed ionic electronic and mixed (ionic-electronic) conductivity. Effects of the poly(oxyethylene) content and of the molar ratios of EO/Li and TCNQ/2VP on the conductivities of the complexes were studied. The optimum molar ratios of EO/Li and TCNQ/ 2VP were 10 and 1.0, respectively. The copolymers emulsified benzene/water systems and exhibited good phase-transfer catalysis properties in the Williamson reaction of solid potassium phenolate with n-butyl bromide. After neutralization with HCl solution, the copolymers showed polyelectrolyte solution properties.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)41-53
Number of pages13
JournalAngewandte Makromolekulare Chemie
Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 1996
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