A rendezvous with the queen of ion channels: Three decades of ion channel research by David T Yue and his Calcium Signals Laboratory

Ivy E. Dick, Worawan B. Limpitikul, Jacqueline Niu, Rahul Banerjee, John B. Issa, Manu Ben-Johny, Paul J. Adams, Po Wei Kang, Shin Rong Lee, Lingjie Sang, Wanjun Yang, Jennifer Babich, Manning Zhang, Hojjat Bazazzi, Nancy C. Yue, Gordon F. Tomaselli

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David T. Yue was a renowned biophysicist who dedicated his life to the study of Ca2+ signaling in cells. In the wake of his passing, we are left not only with a feeling of great loss, but with a tremendous and impactful body of work contributed by a remarkable man. David’s research spanned the spectrum from atomic structure to organ systems, with a quantitative rigor aimed at understanding the fundamental mechanisms underlying biological function. Along the way he developed new tools and approaches, enabling not only his own research but that of his contemporaries and those who will come after him. While we cannot hope to replicate the eloquence and style we are accustomed to in David’s writing, we nonetheless undertake a review of David’s chosen field of study with a focus on many of his contributions to the calcium channel field.

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2016
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  • Biophysics
  • Calcium channel
  • Calmodulin
  • Protein kinase A
  • Single channels
  • Sodium channel

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