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Funds for the MRC-600 scanning confocal microscope (SCM) and the silicon
graphics 3D reconstruction workstation are requested. The SCM is needed
for optical sectioning of thick specimens in single and double beam modes
with emphasis on epifluorescence, and fluctuation analysis using the scan
format of the SCM to advantage. The silicon graphics workstation is needed
for 3D reconstruction of stacked optical sections from the SCM and image
reconstruction of flagellar motors. The major users group is comprised of
Drs. Condeelis, Khan, Peter Satir, Birgit H. Satir and Shields. The minor
users group is Drs. Hays, Pollard, Stanley, Hertzberg, Spray and Bennett.
Several of the proposed users have compared conventional epifluorescence
microscopy with SCM epifluorescence and demonstrate the decisive advantage
to their studies of the use of SCM (Condeelis, Peter Satir, Birgit H.
Satir, Shields, Hays, Pollard and Hertzberg).
Effective start/end date6/6/906/5/92


  • National Center for Research Resources

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