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Children with chronic renal failure (CRF) fail to attain adult height
consistent with their genetic potential. The profound growth failure
is multifactorial; major contributing factors include accumulation of
uremic toxins and inhibitors of hormone action, renal osteodystrophy,
acidosis, malnutrition and prednisone therapy. In the 1970s and 1980s,
aggressive supportive care usually failed to produce significant catch-
up growth and growth failure also persisted in most children after renal
transplantation. In the last 20 years, molecular techniques have
revoluntionalized understanding of the physiology of normal skeletal
growth and development. These advances: 1) should allow better
understanding of the pathophysiology of osteodystrophy and growth
failure in CRF children, and of bone disease in children with renal
transplants; and 2) should suggest new and improved therapies for these
disorders. The need to foster a better understanding of the "Molecular
Basis of Skeletal Growth" was the incentive for the International
Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA)-sponsored Sixth Symposium on
Growth and Development in Children with Chronic Renal Failure. The
purpose of the conference is to assemble leading clinical and basic
researchers in the field of skeletal growth and development, to combine
them with established investigators, promising young investigators and
trainees in the field of pediatric nephrology, and to encourage a free
exchange of information which might foster new ideas and future
investigations into the etiology and therapy of skeletal abnormalities
in children with CRF. Thus, there will be non-nephrologist
investigators who will have an opportunity to consider the particular
problems CRF poses for the developing skeletal system, mixed with
nephrologists and trainees who will have the opportunity to apply
recently acquired insights into normal skeletal growth and development
to their particular area of interest related to the skeletal system in
CRF children. Participation of young investigators and trainees with
special consideration given to individuals who are underrepresented in
science, will be a primary goal of this symposium and will be achieved
by travel grants. Two poster sessions selected by the organizing
committee will provide a forum for these individuals to discuss their
work and publication in a supplemental issue of the International
Journal of Pediatric Nephrology will assure visibility of the
proceedings of the meeting worldwide. Announcements via mail, journals
and websites have reached the American, European, and Intl. Societies
of Pediatric Nephrology.
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