The Value of 2 Orthopaedic Learning Platforms from the Learners' and Educators' Point of View

Harrison Volaski, Zachary T. Sharfman, I. Martin Levy

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Background:Online learning platforms are a staple of orthopaedic resident education. These platforms typically address a user's knowledge base, aiming to improve OITE and AAOS Board Examination scores. Orthopaedic residents often use these platforms as their primary educational resource. However, an orthopaedic surgeon is more than an orthopaedic knowledge base; acquisition of clinical acumen is integral as well. We sought to investigate the following: From a learner's and educator's perspective, do Orthobullets (OB) and Clinical Classroom (CC) contribute to both knowledge base and clinical acumen?Methods:Thirty residents and 16 attending surgeons at a single institution were assigned to review topics and complete questions on either the OB and CC platform. Participants then filled out surveys regarding the platform they were assigned, switched platforms, and completed a final survey. Independent-samples Student t tests and χ2tests were used to analyze differences in continuous and categorical data.Results:Residents and attendings reported a preference for OB for fact acquisition, relevance to the OITE, and explanation of answers. Senior residents (PGY5) and attending surgeons reported that CC had a greater impact on their clinical acumen. Junior residents (PGY1, PGY2, and PGY3) reported the opposite. Participants responded that both platforms expand a learner's knowledge base and clinical acumen.Conclusions:Learners and educators felt both platforms addressed knowledge base and clinical acumen. Junior residents reported a preference for OB to CC to advance their knowledge base and clinical acumen, but senior residents and attendings felt the opposite was true. Based on survey responses, these platforms were found to be additive, complementary, and that their value to the learner changes during the course of residency education.Level of Evidence:III.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numberA392
JournalJBJS Open Access
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jun 7 2022

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