The Phosphaturic Response to Parathyroid Hormone

A. M. Spiegel, S. J. Marx, G. D. Aurbach, M. A. Levine

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To the Editor: In their interesting editorial reviewing the molecular basis for hormone resistance in pseudohypoparathyroidism (Type 1), Spiegel et al. briefly mention that pseudohypoparathyroidism Type II is a rare disorder in which the urinary cyclic AMP response is normal but the phosphaturic response is defective (September 9 issue).1 In a description of pseudohypoparathyroidism Type II Drezner et al. state, “The distinction between idiopathic hypoparathyroidism and pseudohypoparathyroidism has generally been made on the basis of the response in renal tubular handling of phosphate to infused parathyroid hormone… the enormous variation among individual determinations (reflected in the large standard deviations) makes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)104
Number of pages1
JournalNew England Journal of Medicine
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jan 13 1983
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