The constitutive, glucose-repression-insensitive mutation of the yeast MAL4 locus is an alteration of the MAL43 gene.

M. J. Charron, C. A. Michels

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Mutations resulting in constitutive production of maltase have been identified at each of the five MAL loci of Saccharomyces yeasts. Here we examine a dominant constitutive, glucose-repression-insensitive allele of the MAL4 locus (MAL4-C). Our results demonstrate that MAL4-C is an alteration in the MAL43 gene, which encodes the positive regulator of the MAL structural genes, and that its product is trans-acting. The MAL43 gene from the MAL4-C strain was cloned and integrated into a series of nonfermenting strains lacking a functional regulatory gene but carrying copies of the maltose permease and maltase structural genes. Expression of the maltase structural gene was both constitutive and insensitive to glucose repression in these transformants. The MAL4-C allele also results in constitutive expression of the unlinked MAL12 gene (encoding maltase) in this strain. In addition, the cloned MAL43 gene was shown to be dominant to the wild-type MAL63 gene. We also show that most of the glucose repression insensitivity of strains carrying the MAL4-C allele results from alteration of MAL43.

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Publication statusPublished - May 1 1987
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