Successful Treatment of an Acquired von Willebrand Factor Antibody by Extracorporeal Immunoadsorption

J. Uehlinger, E. Rose, L. M. Aledort, R. Lerner

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To the Editor: Nilsson et al. (April 14 issue)1 described the induction of immune tolerance in patients with hemophilia and antibodies to factor VIII. As part of their regimen, patients with high-titer antibodies were initially treated with extracorporeal immunoadsorption to protein A–Sepharose (Immunosorba columns and Citem 10 monitor). We reporta case of an unusual inhibitor that responded to extracorporeal immunoadsorption with this system. A 50-year-old man presented with gastrointestinal bleeding. In 1976, he was found to have an inhibitor to von Willebrand factor, on the basis of the absence of ristocetin aggregation, the absence of detectable factor VIII–related antigen, and…


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