Semisynthetic supra plasma expanders: a new class of therapeutics to improve microcircualtion in sickle cell anaemia

Fantao Meng, Dhananjaya Kaul, Sangeetha Thangaswamy, Savita Bhutoria, Gary J. Gerfen, Craig A. Branch, Marcos Intaglietta, Seetharama A. Acharya

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Compromised microcirculation and endothelial dysfunction are hallmarks of sickle cell disease (SCD). EAF PEG Haemoglobin (Hb) and EAF PEG Albumin (Alb) represent a novel class of semisynthetic colloidal supra plasma expanders that improve microcirculation. The therapeutic activity of supra plasma expanders to attenuate vaso-occlusion and restore the haemodynamic functions in patients with SCD has been investigated using NY1DD, a transgenic mouse model of mild SCD without anaemia. Vaso-occlusion and perturbation of haemodynamics are amplified in NY1DD by hypoxia-reoxygenation protocol. EAF P5K6 Alb and Alb T12 (Alb conjugated with 12 copies of antioxidant tempo) attenuate vaso-occlusion when infused at the start of reoxygenation. However, only EAF PEG Alb restores haemodynamics close to levels in control C57BL. EAF P5K6 Alb-T12, active plasma expander conjugated with antioxidant, completely clears vaso-occlusion and restores normal haemodynamics. EAF PEG Hb also completely clears vaso-occlusion and restores normal haemodynamics. Pretreating NY1DD with EAF PEG Hb protects it from hypoxia reoxygenation-induced damages. EAF P5K6 Alb T12 attenuates the endothelial dysfunction in S + S Antilles mice as reflected by the vasodilatory response of its arteries and arterioles to vaso-dilators. Active plasma expanders are novel therapeutics to restore normal haemodynamics in SCD patients to improve tissue oxygenation during episodes of painful vaso-occlusive crisis. Abbreviations: 2-IT: 2-immothiolane; Mal-T: 4-Maleimido tempo; Alb: human serum albumin (HSA); Alb-T12: human albumin conjugated with 12 copies of tempo; EAF: extension arm facilitated; EAF PEG Hb: extension arm facilitated PEGylated haemoglobin; EAF PEG Alb: extension arm facilitated PEGylated albumin; EAF P3K6 Hb: extension arm facilitated PEGylated haemoglobin conjugated with 6 copies of PEG3K; EAF P5K6 Alb T12: extension arm facilitated PEGylated albumin conjugated with 6 copies of PEG5K and 12 copies of tempo; Hb: haemoglobin; HAS: human serum albumin (Alb); PEG: polyethylene glycol; MP4: MalPEG Hb, is formulated at 4.2 g/dL in lactated Ringer's solution, a product of Sangart; SCD: sickle cell disease; NO: nitric oxide; SEC: size exclusive chromatography; Vrbc: red cell velocity; Q: volumetric flow rates, Q; SNP: sodium nitroprusside.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)73-82
Number of pages10
JournalArtificial cells, nanomedicine, and biotechnology
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 1 2019



  • anti vaso-occlusion
  • EAF PEGylation
  • plasma expanders
  • sickle cell disease
  • tempo

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