Rates of CAV are Not Elevated in Recipients of HCV Non-Viremic Organs

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PURPOSE: Recent data from single centers and registry analysis have demonstrated comparable one year survival after cardiac transplantation with HCV non-viremic donors. On the other hand, long-term outcomes remain unknown which is particularly relevant given the concern for accelerated CAV from HCV donors in the pre-DAART era. Therefore, in the current analysis we report our one year rates of CAV in recipients of HCV non-viremic organs. METHODS: A retrospective chart review was conducted of all transplants at Montefiore Medical Center between January 2017 and April 2019. Recipients were divided into 2 cohorts based on donor HCV status: non-HCV or HCV non-viremic (Ab+/NAT-). Donor and recipient characteristics as well as presence of CAV at one year assessment were collected. CAV was defined as intimal thickness >0.5mm by IVUS or OCT of the LAD when available or in cases without IVUS/OCT as Grade 1 or greater per the 2010 ISHLT CAV recommendations. Patients who received a HCV viremic organ, died before one year or did not have one year CAV assessment were excluded. RESULTS: During the study period, 97 transplants were performed. Breakdown by HCV status was: 70 non-HCV, 21 non-viremic, and 6 viremic transplants. 48 subjects in the non-HCV and 14 in HCV non-viremic categories reached one year and underwent CAV assessment. Characteristics associated with the development of CAV including recipient age, donor age, pre-transplant PRA, and rejection in the first year were not statistically different between groups. Rates of CAV were not different between recipients of non-HCV and HCV viremic organs at one year: 27% vs 14% (p=.32). At the time of presentation we anticipate data on presence of CAV on all 97 patients. CONCLUSION: In this preliminary analysis, rates of CAV in recipients of HCV non-viremic organs were comparable to non-HCV donors. This finding provides further reassurance for the use of such donors in standard risk recipients.

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