Percutaneous interventions in the presacral space: CT-guided precoccygeal approach - Early experience

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A computed tomography (CT)-guided, precoccygeal approach was used for interventions in the presacral space in four patients (three biopsies, one abscess drainage). Localization comprised palpation of the coccyx and measurement of the distance from the coccyx to the lesion on a prone CT scan. This approach provided an easy, straight vector to all points in the presacral space and involved no radiation exposure to the physician.

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  • Abscess, percutaneous drainage
  • Biopsies, technology
  • Computed tomography (CT), guidance
  • Pelvic organs, abscess
  • Pelvic organs, biopsy
  • Pelvic organs, interventional procedure
  • Sacrum, neoplasms

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