Novel non-surgical interventions for benign inflammatory biliary strictures in infants: A report of two cases and review of current pediatric literature

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Benign biliary strictures are uncommon in children. Classically, these cases are managed surgically, however less invasive approaches with interventional radiology and or endoscopy may have similar results and improved safety profiles While benign biliary strictures have been described in literature on several occasions in young children, (most older than 1 year and once in an infant 3 months of age), all reported cases were managed surgically. We present two cases of benign biliary strictures in infants less than 6 months of age that were managed successfully with novel non-invasive procedures and a review of all current pediatric cases reported in the literature. Furthermore, we describe the use of a Rendezvous procedure, which has not been reported as a treatment approach for benign biliary strictures. Copyright


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