MR imaging of Baker cysts: Association with internal derangement, effusion, and degenerative arthropathy

Theodore T. Miller, Ronald B. Staron, Tova Koenigsberg, Terry L. Levin, Frieda Feldman

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PURPOSE: To determine the prevalence of Baker cyst in a general orthopedic population and its association with effusion, internal derangement, and degenerative arthropathy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Reports of 400 knee magnetic resonance imaging examinations were reviewed. Presence of Baker cyst, effusion, internal derangement (meniscal and/or anterior cruciate ligament tears), medial collateral ligament injury, and degenerative arthropathy was recorded. Uni- and multivariate logistic regressions were used to evaluate associations between Baker cyst and these conditions. Probabilities of having a Baker cyst given these conditions were also calculated. RESULTS: No association was found between Baker cyst and anterior cruciate ligament tear or medial collateral ligament injury. There were significant associations (P < .001) with effusion, meniscal tear, and degenerative arthropathy. There were also significant associations (P < .01) for effusion, meniscal tear, and degenerative arthropathy, independent of one another. Probability of having Baker cyst given the presence of any one variable was .08-.10; any two variables, .19-.21; and all three variables, .38. CONCLUSION: The association between Baker cyst and joint effusion was confirmed. A relationship with meniscal tear and degenerative joint disease independent of effusion was also demonstrated. The probability of having a Baker cyst increases as the number of these associated conditions increases.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Oct 1996
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  • Knee, MR
  • Knee, cysts
  • Knee, ligaments, menisci, cartilage

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