Hepatitis among plasma fractionation workers: An industry-wide study

Steven R. Cohen, George J. Butler, Edward Shmunes

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An industry-wide survey of plasma fractionation facilities in the United States was conducted during 1973–74. Hepatitis was reported among the workers with varying degrees of plasma contact at all plant sites. For each of fourteen facilities in this investigation, field inspections disclosed: (1) numerous overt instances of employee-product contact; (2) inconsistent methodologic approaches at virtually all stages of the plasma fractionation process; (3) a low level of management and em ployee awareness regarding the potential bio-hazard identi fied; and (4) disparate examples of hepatitis surveillance and prophylaxis. Our data suggests that there is a high risk of hepatitis among plasma fractionation workers and, as such, much more attention needs to be focused on the reduction of health hazards within this industry.


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