Foster care: Are there differences in the cognitive and psychiatric characteristics of young children with developmental disabilities in kinship vs. non-kinship homes?

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This study compares developmental, psychiatric diagnosis and global assessment of functioning of 82 young foster children who present for evaluation of a developmental disability from kinship and non-kinship homes. The children in kinship homes (n=42) had been with their foster parents longer (3.2 yrs. vs. 1.2 yrs. p<0.001) before being referred for evaluation. There were no significant differences regarding types of developmental disabilities, psychiatric diagnosis or global assessment of functioning between the groups. There was a wide spectrum of psychiatric disorders. Children with developmental disabilities in kinship homes may be as emotionally and developmentally involved as children in non-kinship homes.

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JournalMental Health Aspects of Developmental Disabilities
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  • Children
  • Foster care
  • Intellectual disability
  • Mental retardation
  • Psychiatric disorder

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