Formation of neoclitoris from glans penis by reduction glansplasty with preservation of neurovascular bundle in male-to-female gender surgery: Functional and cosmetic outcome

Jamil Rehman, Arnold Melman

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Purpose: During male-to-female gender reassignment surgery we used an abdominal pedicled inverted penile skin technique to create a vagina and extra folds of skin to create a clitoral hood. Although patients had orgasms with that technique, there was a general request for the placement of a sensate, erectile clitoris. Therefore, in 10 such patients undergoing transsexual surgery a neoclitoris was fashioned from the glans penis. Surgical technique and results are described. Material and Methods: From 1980 to 1995, 57 male-to-female gender surgeries were performed at our university center. In the last 10 such patients undergoing transsexual surgery a neoclitoris was created. Glans volume is reduced to match that of a normal size clitoris and the entire length of the dorsal neurovascular bundle is preserved. The neoclitoris is placed through a buttonhole in the newly constructed introitus. There was minimal bleeding from the bundle intraoperatively. Results: In 8 of 10 patients the neoclitoris remained intact postoperatively with good sensation to touch, vibration and light pressure (sexual sensation). The cosmetic and functional appearance was that of a normal clitoris, and patients were satisfied. In 2 patients the results were not satisfactory because of necrosis of the neoclitoris. Conclusions: This technique has excellent functional and cosmetic results in the majority of patients. Preservation of the somatic, tactile and vibratory sensation of the neoclitoris is surgically practical, and can afford the patient the possibility of a more functional outcome of gender reassignment surgery.

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JournalJournal of Urology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1999



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