Einstein-Nathan Shock Center: translating the hallmarks of aging to extend human health span

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The overarching mission of the Einstein-Nathan Shock Center (E-NSC) is to make scientific discoveries in geroscience, leveraging on the expertise in our center in 6 out of the 7 pillars of aging, and to translate their effects towards drug discovery. The relevance of this basic biology of aging discoveries to humans will be confirmed through the unique gero-human resource at E-NSC. This is achieved through services provided by E-NSC, connectivity among its members, attracting worldwide investigators, and providing them with the opportunities to become future leaders. The two central components of the E-NSC are (a) cutting-edge research programs and (b) unique E-NSC research support cores. E-NSC scientists lead NIH-supported cutting-edge research programs that integrate key hallmarks of aging including proteostasis/autophagy, metabolism/inflammaging, genetic/epigenetics, stem cells/regeneration, and translational aging/longevity. Since the inception of the E-NSC, the well-integrated, collaborative, and innovative nature of the multiple supporting state-of-the-art E-NSC research cores form the bedrock of research success at the E-NSC. The three state-of-the-art E-NSC research cores, (i) Proteostasis of Aging Core (PAC), (ii) the Health Span Core (HSC), and (iii) the Human Multi-Omics Core (HMOC), have allowed impressive expansion of translational biological research programs. Expansion was facilitated through the wealth of data coming from genomics/proteomics and metabolomic analysis on human longevity studies, due to access to a variety of biological samples from elderly subjects in clinical trials with aging-targeting drugs, and new drug design services via the PAC to target the hallmarks of aging.

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  • Autophagy
  • Genomics
  • Health span
  • Metabolism
  • Parabiosis
  • Proteomics
  • Proteostasis

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