Effect of sinus membrane perforation on dental implant integration: A retrospective study on 128 patients

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A common complication of sinus augmentation is perforation of the sinus membrane during augmentation and/or implant placement. This retrospective study examines the effect of sinus membrane perforation with regard to graft survival and implant integration. A total of 175 sinuses were augmented with 115 of the membranes being reported intact at the time of surgery. A total of three infections occurred in patients who sustained perforated sinuses and one infection occurred in a patient who had an intact sinus. All four infections resolved after culture sensitivity and placement of the patient on an appropriate antibiotic for 10 days.Of 438 dental implants placed in the augmented sinuses, five implants failed, four of which were associated with perforated sinuses and and which was not associated with a perforated grafted sinus.

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JournalImplant Dentistry
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Publication statusPublished - Feb 1 2011



  • Osseointegration
  • Perforation
  • Sinus membrane

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