EBT2 radiochromic film for quality assurance of complex IMRT treatments of the prostate: Micro-collimated IMRT, RapidArc, and TomoTherapy

T. Kairn, N. Hardcastle, J. Kenny, R. Meldrum, W. A. Tomé, T. Aland

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In response to the clinical need for a dosimetry system with both high resolution and minimal angular dependence, this study demonstrates the utility of Gafchromic EBT2 radiochromic dosimetry film for the quality assurance of micro-collimated IMRT, RapidArc and TomoTherapy treatments. Firstly, preliminary measurements indicated that the dose response of EBT2 film does not appreciably vary with either the angle of incidence of the radiation beam or the depth in water at which the film is placed. Secondly, prostate treatment plans designed for delivery using static-beam IMRT (collimated using the BrainLab m3 microMLC), RapidArc and TomoTherapy were investigated by comparing dose planes obtained from treatment planning calculations with EBT2 film measurements. For all treatment plans, the proportion of dose points agreeing with the film measurements to within c (3%,3 mm) was found to be above 95%, with all points agreeing within 5%. The film images provided sufficient information to verify that the treatments could be delivered with an acceptable level of accuracy, while also providing additional information on low-level dose variations that were not predicted by the treatment planning systems. This information included: the location and extent of dose from inter-leaf leakage (in the RapidArc plan) and helical field junctioning (in the TomoTherapy plan), as well as the existence of small regions where the treatment planning system under-predicted the dose from very small treatment segments (in the micro-collimated IMRT plan).

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Pages (from-to)333-343
Number of pages11
JournalAustralasian Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Sep 1 2011
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  • Arc therapy
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  • Radiation therapy

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