Direct and Telemetered Lead Impedance


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Objectives: We undertook this study to determine whether telemetered lead impedance measurements (LIM) can be correlated with direct LIM and to determine the stability of LIM over time when measured directly and via telemetry. Methods: Direct LIM and telemetered LIM were measured in 91 patients; 101 leads during initial implantation and 40 leads during pulse generator replacement. Differences in direct LIM measured during initial implant and pulse generator replacement (direct‐direct) were compared in 41 patients (28 atrial leads and 37 ventricular leads). The stability of telemetered LIM obtained immediately postoperatively, at 1 month and 1 year, postimplantation was assessed in 50 patients (23 atrial and 49 ventricular leads). Results: In atrial leads acute direct LIM was 633.9 ± 18.4 Ω versus 575.8 ± 18.5 Ω for telemetered LIM (r = 0.58), and chronic direct LIM was 670.9 ± 49.3 Ω versus 607.0 ± 36.3 Ω for telemetered LIM (r = 0.87). In ventricular leads acute direct LIM was 747.3 ± 16.9 Ω and 684.7 ± 16.4 Ω for telemetered LIM (r = 0.69), and chronic direct LIM was 674.8 ± 29.9 Ω and 625.2 ± 28.5 Ω for telemetered LIM (r = 0.68). The mean direct–direct UM rose 124 Ω (P < 0.001) in atrial leads and 10 Ω (P = NS) in ventricular leads. Telemetered LIM for atrial leads was 581.0 ± 27.6 Ω immediately postimplantation compared to 625.7 ± 34.8 Ω at 1 month and 754.1 ± 43.0 Ω at 1 year. Telemetered LIM for ventricular leads was 661.3 ± 17.5 Ω at implant, 684.6 ± 20.7 Ω at 1 month and 724.7 ± 22.7 Ω at 1 year. Conclusions: There is a good but limited correlation between direct and telemetered LIM. Mean direct LIM obtained at initial implantation is similar to that measured at pulse generator replacement. The telemetered LIM is stable over the first month postimplantation but tends to rise during the first year of follow‐up and substantial changes in impedance are not uncommon in individuals with normal function. There is a tendency for LIM to rise with lead maturation. If telemetered LIM is to be followed over time, a baseline telemetered value should be obtained immediately postoperatively.

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JournalPacing and Clinical Electrophysiology
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StatePublished - Nov 1994


  • lead impedance
  • pacemaker follow‐up
  • telemetry

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