A common RNA recognition motif identified within a defined U1 RNA binding domain of the 70K U1 snRNP protein

Charles C. Query, Rex C. Bentley, Jack D. Keene

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We have defined the RNA binding domain of the 70K protein component of the U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein to a region of 111 amino acids. This domain encompasses an octamer sequence that has been observed in other proteins associated with RNA, but has not previously been shown to bind directly to a specific RNA sequence. Within the U1 RNA binding domain, an 80 amino acid consensus sequence that is conserved in many presumed RNA binding proteins was discerned. This sequence pattern appears to represent an RNA recognition motif (RRM) characteristic of a distinct family of proteins. By site-directed mutagenesis, we determined that the 70K protein consists of 437 amino acids (52 kd), and found that its aberrant electrophoretic migration is due to a carboxy-terminal charged domain structurally similar to two Drosophila proteins (su(wa) and tra) that may regulate alternative pre-messenger RNA splicing.

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StatePublished - Apr 7 1989
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