Structural, functional, and mechanistic anlaysis of autoreactive CD8 T cells

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PROJECT NARRATIVE CD8 T cells are important contributors to the pathology observed in a whole host of autoimmune diseases, including type 1 diabetes. The goal of our project is to fill critical knowledge gaps regarding the protein-protein interactions that govern the activity of autoreactive CD8 T cells. In addition to their participation in autoimmune disease processes, CD8 T cells also play critical roles in pathogen and tumor elimination. Although our efforts will be expended in the context of autoreactive CD8 T cells, much of what we will learn will be fundamental knowledge that will apply to general CD8 T cell biology. Our findings will guide the future development of more effective approaches to manipulate the immune system in health and disease.
Effective start/end date2/8/181/31/23


  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: $715,797.00
  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: $715,797.00


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