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Strengthening Family Problem-Solving to Cope with AIDS. Families affected
by AIDS are subject to many sources of stress, encounter many barriers
to adequate supports and services, and may have many unmet needs. The
proposed intervention is designed to help families develop flexible
coping skills to gain the supports and services they need. It is based
on a widely used social problem-solving model that enhances general
skills for coping. Our approach accommodates the special needs of
families affected by AIDS by l) conducting an intake to define family
composition and tailor the program to families' needs, 2) offering a six-
session problem- solving- skill- building curriculum for key family
members, and 3) providing one year of contact with a trained peer advisor
for consolidation and generalization of training. We will recruit 288
families from four New York State-designated AIDS Care centers (DACs) in
Brooklyn, New York. Families will be randomly assigned to Experimental
or standard-care Comparison arms. The index adult with AIDS, and up to
two other adult family members will be assessed at baseline, and at 12-
month and 24-month follow-ups. Assessment will determine whether the
intervention impacted family problem-solving process, and consequently
access to support and adaptation.
Effective start/end date9/30/954/30/01


  • Infectious Diseases


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