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Human renal proximal tubular cells will be investigated as a
model system to understand the molecular basis of renal proximal
tubular cell growth. The objective of this proposal is to
investigate the basic mechanism involved in maintaining human
renal proximal tubular cell integrity for preservation of function.
We have developed techniques for measuring the proliferative
activity of growth factors on human renal proximal tubular cells.
A growth which is mitogenic for human renal proximal tubular
cells have been identified and partially purified from a human
renal adenocarcinoma clear cell line. In this proposal, we will
purify the growth factor utilizing Sephadex CM-50, heparin-
Sepharose affinity chromatography plus a combination of reverse
phase, gel filtration, ion exchange or hydrophobic high
performance liquid chromatography. The growth factor will be
characterized as to size, isoelectric point and the terminal amino
acid sequence determined on a gas phase microsequencer.
Further studies will be performed to measure the potential
mitogenic activity against a large number of diverse cell types.
The presence of the growth factor in normal human kidneys will
be evaluated. Human renal proximal tubular cells exhibit limited
proliferative potential in culture. The serial propagation of
human renal proximal tubular cells with retention of
differentiated properties will provide a useful model for the
investigation of renal proximal tubular cell function. We will
attempt to serial propagate human renal proximal tubular cells
utilizing conditioned media from the human renal adenocarcinoma
clear cell line and the partially purified growth factor.
Biochemical markers, morphological criteria and proliferative
capacity will be measured following subculturing of the proximal
tubular cells. Finally, we will initiate a pilot study to investigate
the role of the renal proximal tubular cell growth factor on cell
adhesion and heparan sulfate proteoglycan deposition. Thus, the
proposal will identify, isolate, purify and characterize growth
factors directly affecting the kidney.
Effective start/end date12/31/898/31/91


  • Nephrology
  • Cell Biology
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