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  • Shamoon, Harry (PI)

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This revised application (A2) responds to the CTSA initiative to establish and sustain an academic-community
partnership for clinical and translational research/To achieve this goal, we created the Institute for Clinical and
Translational Research (ICTR) founded on successful inter-dependent programs, including pediatric and adult
patient research facilities, core laboratories, a K30 clinical research training program expanded to include a PhD
n clinical investigation, and an NCRR K12 award for Career Development. The ICTR is jointly supported by the
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University and Montefiore Medical Center, and actively engages the
communities comprising the 1.4 million ethnically diverse population of the Bronx. The ICTR also collaborates with
regional and affiliated institutions, including the NYC Department of Health, the North Bronx Health Network, the
Clinical Directors Network, Lehman College, and New Rochelle College of Nursing to expand research and
training opportunities across the Bronx. The CTSA development process over the past 2 years has engaged a
broad array of faculty from a number of disciplines (including medicine, dentistry, nursing, epidemiology, social
work, and biomedical sciences) through these transformative partnerships. In parallel with developing Einstein's
2007 Strategic Research Plan, we 1) assessed the barriers within our institutions to cultivate inherent synergies;
2) initiated an Institution-wide process of forging interdisciplinary research linkages; 3) developed plans to
consolidate existing infrastructure that supports clinical/translational research; 4) invested in new infrastructure-
both physical facilities and programs-that support the CTSA mission; 5) unified the IRB review process; and 6)
emphasized the training and nurturing a cohort of young investigators. The partners in this new Institute jointly
provide tangible resources, including a new 200,000 nsf Center for Genetic and Translational Medicine, 30,000
nsf of space for ICTR programs and investigators, a joint Clinical ResearchEndowment fund, and matching funds
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Interaction Resources, including Adult and Pediatric Research Units; d) Community Engagement and
Collaboration; e) Regulatory Knowledge and Support; f) Biomedical Informatics; g) Development; Novel
Clinical/Translational Methodology "incubators" (Stem Cell Research, Biostatistical Methodologies,
Behavioral/Social Science Research, and Epigenomics Research); h) Translational Technologies and Resources
(MS Analytic Core, Biorepository, Biomarker Assay Core, Translational Genetics and Genomics Resource, and
Cellular Therapeutics Laboratory); i) Pilot & Collaborative Projects; and j) Other key elements (shared facilities
and cores, and transdisciplinary research programs). The mission of the ICTR is to enhance clinical and
translational research by promoting multidisciplinary collaboration, addressing translational 'blocks' in research,
providing infrastructure and collaborative support, and enhancing training, education, and career development.
Effective start/end date5/19/0812/31/12


  • Medicine(all)
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Pediatrics, Perinatology, and Child Health


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