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DESCRIPTION (Taken from the Application): The Albert Einstein College of
Medicine, the Department of Biology at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Mount
Sinai School of Medicine, the Rockefeller University, and the Weill Medical
College of Cornell University have formed the New York Structural Genomics
Research Consortium (NYSGRC) for high-throughput, structural and functional
studies of proteins. The research program takes the form of a Pilot Study
focused on establishing a fully-integrated, high-throughput system for protein
family classification and target selection, target protein expression,
purification, biophysical characterization and crystallization, target protein
structure determination by X-ray crystallography, and analyses and
dissemination of the results. The long-term goal of the NYSGRC is to create an
efficient, cost-effective Structural Genomics Center that will contribute
substantially to the task of determining the 10,000 plus three-dimensional
protein structures envisaged by the National Institute of General Medical
Sciences Protein Structure Initiative.

The specific aims of the NYSGRC application are:
Aim 1. Identify target protein sequences for structural genomics.
Aim 2. Develop high-throughput E. coli expression of soluble target proteins.
Aim 3. Develop high-throughput production of target proteins.
Aim 4. Develop high-throughput biophysical characterization of target proteins.
Aim 5. Develop high-throughput crystallization of target proteins.
Aim 6. Develop efficient experimental strategies for MAD crystallography.
Aim 7. Develop high-throughput synchrotron data collection with target protein
Aim 8. Develop and use an Internet-based computational pipeline for protein
Aim 9. Develop high-throughput molecular replacement tools for crystallography.
Aim 10 Develop high-throughput comparative modeling for structural genomics.
Aim 11. Develop efficient annotation and dissemination of protein structures
and models.
Aim 12. Develop an Internet-based "web-book" for use by the NYSGRC.
Effective start/end date9/30/006/30/07


  • Molecular Biology


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