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The Adolescent AIDS Program (AAP), at Montefiore Medical Center of the
Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York, is applying to
be a member of the clinical Science Group of the Adolescent Medicine
HIV/AIDS Research Network. The goal of the Research Network is to improve
knowledge about HIV infection in youth through research, to ultimately
improve and standardize health care management. The proposed Research
Network will meet several research objectives of the Public Health
Service's "Healthy People 2000" report by focusing on HIV-infected, low-
income, minority adolescents, an HIV-infected population that to date has
been poorly characterized and minimally studied.

To meet these goals, the Research Network will work in two interactive
groups. In Phase One (first 6 months) the Basic Science Group (BSG) will
develop the Base Protocol to describe population-based spectrum of
disease, disease progression and the effect of co-morbidity with other
sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy among youth ages 15-19 years.
The cohort of 200 HIV-infected and 100 HIV-uninfected, high-risk youth
will be systematically followed for several years. Special studies may be
added to the Base Protocol as the study proceeds. Also during Phase One,
the Clinical Science Group (CSG) will develop clinical management
guidelines, and a plan for their evaluation, based on the unique
biological and behavioral aspects of HIV infection in adolescents. In
Phase Two (second six months), the CSG members will be responsible for
recruiting youth into the Base Protocol and providing comprehensive
medical and psychosocial care according to the management guidelines. The
Research Network will be governed by a Steering Committee of
representatives from the BSG, CSG, Program staff and the Community
Advisory Board.whose members will be recruited from CSG sites.

As a member of the CSG, the AAP will enroll and follow 20 HIV+ and 10 HIV-
youth in the Base Protocol. The AAP offers comprehensive HIV clinical
services, has extensive experience in recruiting and retaining youth in
clinical research and cares for the target population needed to
successfully implement this study. The Principal Investigator, Dr. Donna
Futterman, has demonstrated relevant clinical and research experience for
the development and evaluation of clinical management guidelines, by
providing care to HIV-infected adolescents for 6 years, authoring clinical
care guidelines for HIV-infected youth and serving in a national
leadership role in adolescent HIV clinical and research settings.
Effective start/end date9/29/9411/30/01


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