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Systems Modeling of Alzheimers Disease in C. elegans

Suh, Y.


Project: Research project

T. cruzi: pathogenesis modulation by eicosanoids

Tanowitz, H. B.


Project: Research project

Targeted delivery of anti-anthrax therapeutics

Backer, J. M.


Project: Research project

Targeted drug delivery to tumor microenvironment

Backer, J. M.


Project: Research project

Targeting Cancer Cells with Functionalized Nanoparticle Libraries

Levy, M.


Project: Research project

Targeting the Tumor Vasculature to Treat Cancer

Libutti, S. K.

Project: Research project


Karen, G., Cohen, B., Lynn, R., Nitowsky, H., Bash, R., Barth, R., Deming, Q., Halbreich, U., Hein, K., Saenger, P., Sherwood, L., Kaplan, B., Portenoy, R., Dutcher, J., Rubinstein, A., Billett, H., Shim, C., Vogl, S., Asnis, G., Eder, H., Mitchell, Y., Ferraru, E., Crystal, H., Engel, S., Wolfson, L., Wolfson, L., Gilbert, H., Thal, L., Stein, H. D., Romney, S., Nagel, R., Wylie-Rosett, J., Blechman, E., Nagel, R., Nieberger, R., Appel, D., Aronson, M., Simon, D., Freeman, R., Wiernik, P., Fleischer, N., Scheinberg, I. H., Brown, S., Soeiro, R. U. Y., Rubinstein, A., Mazze, R., Edelmann, C., Romney, S., Keefe, D., Rubin, D., Bornstein, M., Fotino, S., Purpura, D., Nitowsky, H., Bash, R., Barth, R., Halbreich, U., Sherwood, L., Portenoy, R., Dutcher, J., Billett, H., Shim, C., Crystal, H., Engel, S., Wolfson, L., Stein, H. D., Nagel, R., Nieberger, R., Appel, D., Aronson, M., Scheinberg, I. H., Soeiro, R. U. Y., Romney, S., Keefe, D., Fotino, S. & Billett, H. H.

National Institutes of Health

Project: Research project

Technologies to Define and Map Novel Interorganelle Macromolecular Interactions

Verkhusha, V., [No Value], N. G., Palmer, A., Snapp, E. L., [No Value], N. G., Snapp, E. L. & Verkhusha, V.

National Institute of General Medical Sciences


Project: Research project

Texas Center for Cancer Nanomedicine

Libutti, S. K., Lopez-Berestein, G., West, J., Decuzzi, P., Ferrari, M., Sood, A., Arap, W., Logsdon, C. & Gorenstein, D.


Project: Research project

The B7x pathway in the tumor microenvironment

Zang, X.


Project: Research project

The Effectiveness of Methotrexate to Prevent Extension of Early Limited JIA

Beukelman, T. & Ilowite, N. T.


Project: Research project